Archive May 20, 2019

Penelope at the ODYCCEUS case study workshop in Amsterdam

From May 15-17 2019, the ODYCCEUS consortium assembled in Amsterdam for a three-day conference. Over the course of a series of presentations and work sessions, progress on the ODYCCEUS project, including the Penelope infrastructure, was shared and discussed. On May 15, the delegates presented their ongoing work on the case studies to the group. In preparation for an upcoming volume on the project, these presentations were followed by a series of discussion sessions in which the epistemological and methodological implications of this work were explored in more depth. This for instance included reflections on the tensions between hermeneutic and causal approaches to knowledge production with digital methods.

A series of four work sessions on May 16 en 17 provided further opportunities to collaborate on the Penelope infrastructure, including its components and the observatories tied to the case studies. By engaging with the ODYCCEUS consortium in the informal setting of the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Study, the various teams thus gained some valuable input on the future design of the Penelope platform. As such, the meeting sparked concrete plans for future collaborations among consortium members.

Tom Willaert presenting progress on the Penelope infrastructure