This page lists all interfaces that have been made available as part of the Penelope platform. For more general information on Penelope interfaces, see the Getting Started page. For contributing an interface, see the Contributing page.

Penelope Workbench

Contributed by Sony CSL Paris and EHAI – Vrije Universiteit Brussel

The Penelope workbench interface aims to help end-users with no extensive programming experience creating interesting pipelines by chaining together Penelope components in a Jupyter Notebook style. An initial proof-of-concept is available at


An example of Named Entity Recognition using the Workbench interface calling an NLP component


Outlier Explorer

Contributed buy the Complex Networks team at LIP6 ( UPMC / CNRS )

This interface allows for the exploration of multidimensional datasets and for the detection of statistical outliers within. Hence, it is mainly a tool for data exploration allowing to have a first glance at the data and to formulate research hypotheses to be later tested. The outlier explorer is available at


The outlier explorer in action